Ali Beck is a holistic nutritionist, blogger, and food & nutrition educator. She started Fresh Roots Health with the purpose of encouraging people to live healthier lives full of more simplicity, joy, and freedom. Whether it’s through 1-on-1 counseling, group classes, or blog posts, Ali seeks to empower individuals to understand real food and how it brings healing and nourishment to their bodies, both physically and emotionally.

Ali graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a B.S. in Food & Nutrition. She went on to study through the NTA and became certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.


Fresh Roots Health is a holistic nutrition practice that is grounded upon evidence-based nutrition, as well as the belief that each individual is unique and has different needs. Ali believes in the power of real food as a means of healing the body and restoring balance. Through looking at the whole picture and the whole person, she seeks to determine the root cause of the issue and develop a specific nutrition and lifestyle protocol according to that person’s needs.

Ali believes in the importance of being able to show up as your best self, to find true joy in food and in life, and to find freedom from the bond of chronic health issues and a poor relationship with food.

Let’s get you back on track!